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After purchasing your Incredibow/Care sheet/Warranty

Congratulations! You have the newest and most revolutionary musical instrument bow made in the past 300 years! Use it as you would an old fashioned bow !You will probably find it to be more responsive than the old bows – faster, easier to play with less fatigue. (Especially if you have one of our “featherweight” styles!)You may even discover that your instrument sounds richer in tone!You will find you won’t be breaking hairs with this bow – it will be an unusual event to ever break any of the more than 200 filaments on this bow! If you do find a hair or two loosen or break occasionally, simply trim it at either end near the rubber coating – a finger nail clipper works well – and don’t worry – you’ll have plenty left!We now have a NEW TYPE HAIR on our bows effective Aug.1, 2004. No more problems rosining – it will probably rosin easier than horsehair! Simply rosin as you would a traditional bow. Use short strokes, pressing with moderate pressure, beginning near the frog and working slowly toward the tip. Hold a thumb between the hair and stick as you proceed. You will need less rosin generally, than with traditional hair – especially if you use the Andrea Rosin (available on our website).You may find a slight separation of hairs about midway along the shaft – that doesn’t affect the function or tone of the bow – we apply the hair in two “hanks” with a spacer, and due to the fairly precise alignment of the hairs,sometimes a small space occurs. You do not ever need to loosen or tighten the bow – it is pretensioned, won’t warp, loosen up. Don’t worry about humidity affecting it – its waterproof!The Incredibow stick is covered with a PVC/vinyl “skin (unless you have our naked graphite stick). Although durable and long lasting, this skin can get bruised if rubbed or scraped harshly; treat this bow as you do a fine musical instrument! Generally, cleaning the hairs can be done by pinching the hair ribbon between several layers of facial tissue, then rubbing up and down the hair length, removing any loose or caked rosin. Or a water-moistened lint-free cloth will work well. Use a dry or slightly moistened lint- free cloth to clean the stick. The rubber covering on frog and tip end can be wiped with moistened cloth also, if necessary.Only a gentle re-application of rosin returns it to a smooth action and sound.Just don’t leave Incredibow on the dash or in the back window of a hot car in the summertime! Heat and laying in the sunlight is not good for it!If you have any problems with this bow, let us know. We’ll make it right.

WARRANTED as follows: Purchaser has 30 days from date of received shipment to decide to keep Incredibow or send it back based solely on whether buyer likes it or not. Bow stick and hair are warranted to function properly for THREE YEARS from the time of purchase, with normal usage and care instructed. We cannot warrant the normal or unusual wear and tear on the bow due to varying ways musicians handle and use the bow. We will allow a generous trade-in on a used Incredibow, however. Unique problems will be handled on an individual basis. This warranty is void if the Incredibow is subjected to excessive heat, harmful chemicals, shaft is broken through misuse or accident, or hair is severed by impact with any sharp or abrasive material or object. If Incredibowstick or hair fails to function properly within the three year period, we will replace the bow upon its return (owner

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