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Best Web C and E Barn 112502

In Memory Of Ed and Carolyn Wilcox,

Creators of the Incredibow

Heidi Wilcox Keller, Owner & Operator

E.W. Incredibow Co. LLC.
Located in the beautiful
Ozark Mountains

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1182
Mountain View, ARK 72560


Email us at:

Check out my secondary site with additional photos and videos:  INCREDIBOW


  1. Stephen D. Stephen D.

    Love the picture of the folks!

    • heidi heidi

      Me too! 🙂

  2. Rajan Nayyar Rajan Nayyar

    Hi Dear,
    Which bow is best to play with Saw? Please let me know.
    I like to order on.

    • heidi heidi

      I would suggest the Omni bow and you may want to order the traditional weight for saw playing. Thank you! I’m sorry I am late in replying to this question.


  3. Hi
    I have been using a Nyckelharpa 46cm bow on a cello for over 10 years now. I love this stick, so quick, and you can do some great percussive stuff as well.

    The frog is losing its rubberised coating, but she still plays well, and I will definitely be ordering similar again.

    As I my current gig is Upright Bass, I have been experimenting with the percussive stuff on the bull fiddle. Works amazingly, but probably needs a little more weight. Would it be possible to make a slightly heavier stick of similar length 46cm long with 40 cm hair length for the double bass.

    • heidi heidi

      It’s good to hear you are happy with the bow! Yes, I can add more weight to that size of bow.
      Thank you!!


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