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Best Web C and E Barn 112502

In Memory Of Ed and Carolyn Wilcox,

Creators of the Incredibow

Heidi Wilcox Keller, Owner & Operator

E.W. Incredibow Co. LLC.
Located in the beautiful
Ozark Mountains

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1182
Mountain View, ARK 72560


Email us at:
Please allow up to 24 – 48 hours for an email or messenger response, especially over the weekend 🙂


Check out my secondary site with additional photos and videos:  INCREDIBOW


  1. Stephen D. Stephen D.

    Love the picture of the folks!

    • heidi heidi

      Me too! 🙂

  2. Rajan Nayyar Rajan Nayyar

    Hi Dear,
    Which bow is best to play with Saw? Please let me know.
    I like to order on.

    • heidi heidi

      I would suggest the Omni bow and you may want to order the traditional weight for saw playing. Thank you! I’m sorry I am late in replying to this question.


  3. Hi
    I have been using a Nyckelharpa 46cm bow on a cello for over 10 years now. I love this stick, so quick, and you can do some great percussive stuff as well.

    The frog is losing its rubberised coating, but she still plays well, and I will definitely be ordering similar again.

    As I my current gig is Upright Bass, I have been experimenting with the percussive stuff on the bull fiddle. Works amazingly, but probably needs a little more weight. Would it be possible to make a slightly heavier stick of similar length 46cm long with 40 cm hair length for the double bass.

    • heidi heidi

      It’s good to hear you are happy with the bow! Yes, I can add more weight to that size of bow.
      Thank you!!


  4. Good evening! I would like to purchase a 4/4 violin bow for 12-year-old daughter. We live in Poland, do you send violin bows to Poland sir? We really like these unique bows and we would like to buy one of them, in Poland we have not seen anyone using such a bow. The daughter plays on big stages, on mass events, where she listens to a lot of people, she has now started using the Equester electronic acrylic violin. Such a bow would be a great addition to these violin. We are wondering about the color “Diamon Dust”, but it is not in the samples. Is this the same as “Silver Glitter” (2232 Silver)?

  5. heidi heidi

    Hi, We do ship to Poland. I can email a better photo to you of the diamond dust. If you could email me at, then I can reply with a photo. I cannot add a photo here. Thank you! Heidi

  6. Hi,

    I have tried your bow before and am most impressed indeed. I am a fairly aggressive player which would mean choosing the mid weight bow I believe. But am also interested to try out your lighter weight bow as I am also quite a technically accomplished player. You can check out my playing here
    I am wondering if you can recommend which bow I should go for.

    Thanks for your help on this.

    Malcolm Watson. The Barefootviolinist

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Malcolm! I would suggest our High Tension Violin bow. You will have better control playing aggressively with the high tension. Ryan Young from Trampled by Turtles is also an aggressive player and that is what he regularly orders. LOVE the video!! Email me at if you have more questions. Thank you!!! Heidi

  7. Pam Murphy Pam Murphy

    Do you not suggest cleaning the bow “hairs” with denatured alcohol?

    • heidi heidi

      You can just use regular rubbing alcohol to clean the hairs, but use a lint free cloth to not get any fibers on the hair. Thank you!! Heidi

  8. Juan Ortiz Juan Ortiz

    Hello! I don´t see Double Bass bow avaible ¿will you produce in the future?
    Sorry for my english
    ¿Do you make deliveries to Argentina?

    • heidi heidi

      You can email me at and I can give you information concerning the bass bow options that I have. I can ship to Argentina. Thank you!! Heidi

  9. Patrick Fox Patrick Fox

    Does the incredibow, for playing a violin, need a special formulated rosin?

    And, would there be a certain brand or type of violin string that would be ideal for the incredibow?

    – Thank you
    Patrick Fox

    • heidi heidi

      A darker rosin usually works best for synthetic hair. I sell Andrea Solo rosin on the site that works well.
      Thanks! Heidi

  10. Nora Boothby Nora Boothby

    I’m an intermediate beginner on the fiddle and would like to order a featherweight bow. I am recovering from tendinitis in my right arm, and I’m wondering if a slightly shorter (27-in.) bow might be preferable. Your advice?

  11. Ron Wiginton Ron Wiginton

    the bow for percussion tell me more about it ,price and such.

  12. Hello Heidi …..I need a bow for my 5 stringed acoustic viola….the regular viola bow is becoming apparent that I fight with it more than necessary, especially when crossing over to the 5th high “E” string……it sounds thin and weak…and for the thick low “C”, not enough power/richness, (it really shows on recordings for Livestream! Argh!). A good friend of mine recommended your bow to me…..which direction would you point me as far as ordering weight and size/type? (I do switch on occasion to a regular violin during the set…it would be nice to use the same bow for both instruments). Thank you so much!

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Cindy, I would suggest ordering a traditional weight viola bow. That bow will work well for both viola and violin.

  13. Don Rhudy Don Rhudy

    Forget my question about hair/fiber. Do you have a dealer in Indianapolis, Avon, or Plainfield, Indiana?

  14. Michael McDonald Michael McDonald


    Is there somewhere that I can see what the different color choices look like?


  15. Ryan Andersen Ryan Andersen

    I bought my cello Incredibow 2 weeks ago and received my notification of payment received right away, but have not received any more updates since then about the construction, shipping, or tracking for delivery. Should I have heard from you by now, and how soon? Same email address as this one.

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Ryan, I emailed a confirmation on Nov 13th and your order was shipped on Nov 26th and delivered on the 29th. Hopefully you received it in good shape! Tracking and confirmation was sent to the email that was included in your order, maybe it went to your spam folder. Thank you for your business! I appreciate it!! 🙂

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