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Why Buy an Incredibow

Nearly indestructible, Incredibow is fast becoming the favorite bow of many professional and amateur fiddlers, violinists, violists and cellists throughout the world! (Not to mention the musical saw musicians for whom Incredibow was originally designed.)

 Incredibow is a cruelty free product, animal and tree friendly.


What we do:

  • We make unique, custom tailored carbon fiber bows for multiple different instruments including Violin, Cello, Viola and Percussion.

  • Over sixty separate operations are performed in the assembly and finishing process – to create a bow which looks and functions simply, beautifully with little maintenance. 


The Incredibow Difference 

  • Our Bow sticks are made from Carbon Fiber, not wood.  We do this to ensure the bow will last longer and maintain its proper form.

  • Our Bow "hairs" are made of tough polymer filament that, when rosined, will grab strings better than traditional horse hair.

  • Our bows bow "outward" by design with the hair being permanently tensioned.

  • Over 60% of our incredibows are now sold in Featherweight versions.  These bows are half the weight of traditional bows, reducing the fatigue experienced when playing your desired instruments. Custom weights can be requested at no additional charge.

  • We can make any bow lengths you want between 17" up to 32", at no additional charge!

  • Our Bows can be made in a very wide variety of colors. 

  • Color types can be found  HERE


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