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PLEASE NOTE: I am currently transitioning to a new hosting and website platform, my new site should be published in a few days.  If you prefer to place an order over the phone, please call me at 870-213-5029 or email me at with your order details and I can email an invoice that you can pay online.  Thank you! ~Heidi

Welcome to E.W. Incredibow!   
Phone: 870-213-5029



I’m happy to answer any questions, just call or email, this is the best way to get questions answered.  I do not receive notifications when a comment is made through the website.  Also, please allow up to two weeks for your order to be made and shipped.  If a quicker time is needed, please let me know and I will try my best to accommodate your time frame.
Please allow up to 24 – 48 hours for an email or messenger response.

Below is a summary of WHY Incredibow is a unique and versatile bow. For more information about the product, please view the ABOUT page or the SHOP page.

    • Incredibows are handcrafted in the USA.  This has been a family run business for over 22 years and we take great pride in our product.  I only make bows using Carbon Fiber sticks.  I use NO WOOD in any bows, although I can make them LOOK like wood.  See the Colours page.  Incredibows are a cruelty free animal friendly product! 
    • NO Horsehair is used.  ALL the “hair” is made of tough polymer filament designed to grab the strings well (when rosined) and last literally for YEARS!  Bow AND hair is warranted to last a minimum of three years.  Some musicians have regularly used the same Incredibow for several years now, without loss of even one hair!
    • All the bows bow “OUTWARD” and the hair is PERMANENTLY PRE-tensioned.  They are NOT designed for rehairing – if it wears out before three years I’ll send you a new bow. I’ll also give generous trade-in value on a new bow.
    •  Over 60% of our Incredibows are sold in FEATHERWEIGHT version – almost HALF the weight of traditional bows – and not even possible to achieve as traditional wood bows.  Incredibow “hair” grabs the strings of your instrument better than the traditional horsehair or other synthetic hair.  You will experience a new freedom of play, reduced fatigue and faster bow response than ever expected!
  • BOW LENGTH:  I can make your bow any traditional length (1/10, 1/4, 4/4, etc) but I can also make your bow a custom length up to 32″ at no extra charge.  If you would like a custom length, you will need to call or email with your request.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bows are custom made by hand when the order is placed. Occasionally, I may have a few on the shelf – but those go quick and most bows are hand-crafted after the order has been placed and purchased.  Typically, orders are made and shipped within two weeks.  I appreciate your patience!  I am a one woman business and it takes a little longer to hand make things with love than it would if my products were factory produced.
  • Check out my secondary site with additional photos and videos:  INCREDIBOW


If you have a question, please email it to or call 870-213-5029.  I do not receive notification when a question is asked in the comments section. Thank you!!  


  1. Hello! Great to hear about your fabulous Incredibow. I wonder if you can tell me how effective they are on an acoustic guitar, with particular reference to their longevity. Many thanks

    Cambridge, UK

    • heidi heidi

      Hi David,
      I am just now seeing this, I am sorry I did not respond before now. I don’t have much feedback on how well the Incredibow would work on acoustic guitar. I am assuming they would work fine, they work well on many types of instruments. Most of our orders come through our website and on those orders I don’t have an opportunity to know exactly what they may be used on. I know over the years of making these bows, we’ve had a few that were ordered for a guitar, but I don’t remember receiving any feedback.
      The hair is quite strong and typically last for years and I can also make the bow custom lengths, so I can make a bow shorter than standard length or a little longer (up to 32″). I’m sorry I am not much help with your particular question.

  2. bill gilsenan bill gilsenan

    I have been using these bows for 8 or 10 years now and will not go back to the old wood type. The description in the add is accurate, I don’t think that I ever lost a hair and I never have to adjust the bow I just put it in the case and go.

    • heidi heidi

      That’s great to hear, Bill! Thank you!! I appreciate the positive feedback!

    • Dinah Dinah

      I agree ☺️
      I don’t think I’ll play the standard wooden bow again after using Incridiebow. It was so much better for me playing in loud restaurants, pubs, and not having to regain at all. There’s a big expense in horsehair, so these bows save money as well. I like how much stronger my incredibow is, and I will feel happy to not see broken hairs as I’m playing.

  3. Logan Jamieson Logan Jamieson

    I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this site. Im a vegan learning to play cello so after my rental period is over when its time to buy new, I’d like to purchase one of these bows – and then begin my quest of looking for a cello that doesn’t use animal bits- seems daunting. Anyways, just wanted to say that you for your service, whether the intent was for the animals or not, regardless I am happy!

    Thanks again!

    • heidi heidi

      We are proud of our bows and that they are not affiliated with harming animals! Thank you for your lovely email! Best wishes to you and I will look forward to making you an Incredibow cello bow.


  4. June Cole June Cole

    I just heard about your bows today while having lunch with two cellists who are currently using them. I injured my thumb due to poor technique while I rushed to ready for a concert and am paying the price now. They both suggested that the design of your bows helps take some of the pressure off the thumb so I guess I’m asking if these bows would help with my issue of “grasping” the bow and putting most of the pressure on the thumb.
    Thank you.

    • heidi heidi

      Hi June, Sorry I didn’t respond. Your bow is shipped. Try it out and if you think the grip needs to be placed differently, I will be more than happy to adjust that.
      Thank you! Heidi

  5. Karron Holcomb Karron Holcomb

    Heidi, I just wanted to let you know that a soon-to- be 19 year old fiddler from Marshfield, Missouri named Brett Dudenhoeffer, my grandson, is one of your best advertisements for your incredibow! He is a very reknowned fiddler here in Missouri, He’s been with a bluegrass band now for almost seven years, and performs well over 100 shows every year. He’s even performed at the White House twice, and appeared on TV and RFD-TV. My point is that he has performed in front of thousands of people and every performance draws the questions about the bow he uses, which has been your incredibow for the past 13 years. I can’t begin to guess how many people he has directed to your website to purchase one, and will continue to do so. Anyway, one lasts him three years at least. He’s needing a new one now, so we’ll be ordering one soon! Keep making them and he’ll continue to advertise for you! If you’d like to check him out, he has a Facebook page – Brett Dudenhoeffer – with tons of videos of him using your bow!

    • heidi heidi

      That is so great!! I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you so much! I will look him up on FB.

  6. bill gilsenan bill gilsenan

    Hi bill from N.J. I just bought a carbon fiber fiddle and 1 of the negative things about a carbon fiber fiddle is that the volume is low— but not if you use a omnibow I hope that you still make them I will probably want a back up.
    My other comment was from 2 or 3 years ago and I still have not lost a hair/fiber

  7. Hi
    Do you sell and ship to England? How much would a viola bow cost including shipping?
    All the best,

    • heidi heidi

      HI, I do ship to England. The cost for a viola bow starts at $125.00 for the basic carbon with no color and $145.00 to add a color. Shipping is $19.00.

  8. David here from NH. I also just bought a carbon fiber fiddle (the Glasser Acoustic-Electric) and the Incredibow just makes it light up with sound. Heidi really stands behind her work — I originally ordered a featherweight model but the balance just wasn’t right for me. She sent me a traditional weight bow so I could compare the two. I am returning the featherweight bow. Heidi’s support of her products is wonderful — she really cares about making the customer happy.

    The Andrea Solo rosin is fantastic as well, even for traditional bows!

    Thank you, Heidi!

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, David!! 🙂

    • Andrea alexis Andrea alexis

      That’s too funny, I just ordered a glasser carbon fiber and an incredibow ,myself, glad to hear they work well together (:

      • heidi heidi

        That’s awesome, Andrea!

  9. Kay Hyde Kay Hyde

    Do you have a price list for these bows?

    • heidi heidi

      You should be able to see the prices on the “Shop” pages. They start at $125.00. The best way to receive quicker answers is through my email and if you tell me what exactly what you are wanting, I can email you a quote. Thank you!! 🙂 Heidi

  10. Joe Joe

    Hi! Any plans to make bass bows? Thanks!

    • heidi heidi

      HI Joe! Email me at and I can give you some info concerning Bass bow options. Thanks!! Heidi

  11. Pekka Korolainen Pekka Korolainen

    Hi Heidi! Two questions:
    1) Any estimates on time it takes to ship to EU/Finland?
    2) Would it be possible to get the “hair” colored black?

    All the best,

    • heidi heidi

      HI Pekka! I sent you and email today concerning the shipping cost for UPS. I just saw your message here (unfortunately, I never get notifications when I get a message through my website) I do not have an option for black hair even though that would be cool. Thank you!! Heidi

  12. Alex Kramer Alex Kramer

    I have several cello bows, but nothing of great value. The best one is an entry level old French bow by Louis Bazin and the most interesting is a Made in USA carbon fibre/synthetic ‘hair’ Incredibow (, which is fantastic for most orchestral playing. I also have a 3/4 size cello bow for my vertical viola, but I also use the Incredibow.

    At a base price of just $125 USD the Incredibow is a must-have for any string player! They don’t offer a bass bow, but I believe they will make you one. A Vancouver Symphony bass player ordered two, to one of which they inserted a metal rod into the bow to make it heavier. Definitely order a cake of the Andrea rosin they offer. It is the best!

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, Alex!! 🙂 Heidi

  13. Cecile Cecile

    Can you pls send me info of diff cello and violin bows and prices .
    Thank you !

    • heidi heidi

      The Cello bow cost is $135 for the basic carbon fiber look (no color added to the stick). If you would like a color option, the cost is $155.00. The VIOLIN bow cost is $125 for the basic carbon fiber look (no color added to the stick). If you would like a color option, the cost is $145.00. If you want the HIGH tension option, that will be an additional $30 for any bow. Thank you!

  14. Chris Anstey Chris Anstey

    I’ve had one of your bows since you first started up actually the first bow I found never had enough room for me to be able to hold the bow properly and without hesitation you sent me a new one with more room and I love . I still have it and love it .

    Anyone who buys one of your bows should be very happy with the product. I live in Newfoundland,Canada and have always told people about your bows . Keep up the good work.

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, Chris!! I appreciate your feedback! Very good to hear!

  15. Dimitri Lazarescu Dimitri Lazarescu

    Still using my Incredibow after almost 20 years and loving it. Might have one ordered for a student of mine.

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Dimitri! Love to hear how long you have used your Incredibow! That’s awesome!

  16. Michael Alvarez Michael Alvarez

    I just got my cello Incredibow yesterday and have been “test driving” it on my acoustic and electric instruments. Admittedly I was a little skeptical, but I’m really starting to like the way it responds to my technique. It lets me produce a full, rich sound with very little effort.

    This was supposed to be a backup bow, but may have just been promoted to the front lines. The Aurora Bowrealis finish will really stand out under stage lights!

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Michael! That’s great to hear! I’m glad you are happy with the bow. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback.. I appreciate it!

  17. Hello. I live in Chicago, USA. Would you be able to deliver an order during this crazy time, COVID 19?

    • heidi heidi

      There shouldn’t be a problem receiving an order at this time. So far all my orders have reached their destination. Thanks!

  18. Denise De Luise Denise De Luise

    I bought an Omnibow for my cello.
    I liked how light the Omnibow was, and also the sound. There was a small problem that left a sharp edge near the frog. Heidi was very responsive and offered to replace it. Unfortunately, the post office broke the replacement bow, and Heidi promptly sent a second replacement. After receiving that bow, I realized that because of arthritis in my hand, the bow just wasn’t as comfortable in my hand as my traditional bow, which has a silicone StringVision cover on the frog. After all of this, Heidi was very gracious and offered me a refund.

    I liked the bow, the price is amazing, and I was disappointed that it didn’t work for my painful fingers, but the customer service I received was above and beyond what I would have expected. Many thanks, Heidi for all your patience and unbelievable customer service!

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, Denise! I wish it could have worked for you. Thank you for giving the bow a try and for being patient with all the inconveniences.

  19. Hi there,

    I’m in London and I want to order a bow, but I can’tfind a straightforward photo list of all the colors options on your site. Is there one? Many thanks, Nicolas

    ps I want this for fiddle. But I wonder if you would consider making one for sarangi. It has a really big frog—to be held with an underhand grip—two fingers inside the frog, two over the stick. Have a look on my website—you can see lots there…

  20. I kept coming to your website a number of times, but was skeptical about the Incredibow. Was it actually as good as you say? Since the price was reasonable, I decided to take a chance and bought one a few months back. I have to say, it isn’t as good as you say; it’s better! Since using the Incredibow, I doubt if I’ll ever go back to my traditional bows. The Incredibow is like playing my fiddle with a feather, and I love the sound it produces. I recommend it.

    • heidi heidi

      So happy to hear this! Thank you!!

  21. Kohrei Kohrei

    Nice to meat you, Heidi! I am a Japanese vegan living in Japan. I am very excited to find your bow. I feel your love for animals from your honest writing. Can you send your wonderful vegan bow to Japan?

  22. 香玲 Kohrei 香玲 Kohrei

    Nice to meat you, Heidi! I am a Japanese vegan living in Japan. I am very excited to find your bow. I feel your love for animals from your honest writing. Can you send your wonderful vegan bow to Japan?

    • heidi heidi

      Hi, Due to Covid, I am not 100% sure you can receive packages from the U.S.A. You might get better answers than I could if you check your postal service where you are. Normally, I can ship to Japan without a problem, but difficult to say right now. I will look into it and email you. Thank you!!

  23. Amanda Thomas Amanda Thomas

    What do you have in stock right now for a 4/4 violin bow?

    • heidi heidi

      I don’t have anything ready-made at the moment. It wouldn’t take too long to get a bow ready. I am working harder than usual to get orders out before Christmas. Email me at if you have questions.

  24. Can I just say how wonderful your bows are? I’ve had mine for 11 years and I’ve never broken a hair (I used to have to get my traditional bows re-haired about every 3-6 months). I have travelled around the world with it and found it works well in all temperatures and humidity conditions, including in the tropics and it just performs. I love the light weight and its all-round reliability. I’ve recommended it to anyone who has asked about it. As a modern take on a baroque-style bow, it is unsurpassed.

    • heidi heidi

      That is so great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Have a great 2021!

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you so much for the feedback. Always good to hear how pleased a customer is with their bow. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

  25. Bob Mathews Bob Mathews

    I have been a musician for 58 years. I have played with Mannheim Steamroller, Frank Sinatra Jr., The Three Irish Tenors to mention a few. I taught public school orchestra (Jr. high and high school) for 42 years as well as elementary strings for the first 21 years. I have played in bluegrass bands and country bands for my entire career and am still active. I have a “Fiddle Orchestra” that plays locally as a public service. My entire family plays fiddle (two kids and 4 grandkids).
    I have had 11 hand surgeries including carpal tunnel on both wrists and ligament fixes. Recently I had two LRTI operations. Those are basically thumb joint replacements, and a lot longer recovery times than my knee replacements.
    Now that I have established my history, I want to tell you that I have purchased 6 Incredibows over the years, and recently just bought a featherweight one to help with playing during my recovery. WOW!!! These bows can really help! They are light and durable and so easy to play with. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has any arthritis pain, or other hand problems that are restrictive.
    Thank you Heidi for keeping this great product on the market!!!

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you so much!! I appreciate the feedback and good to hear you’re happy with your bows!

  26. Nick Hutten Nick Hutten

    Thanks Heidi. I have had featherweight standard length bow for a few months now. I really love it. -lightness and really comfortable grip. Etc. etc. great price and delivery to Australia. Very happy. Nick Hutten.

    • heidi heidi

      That’s great, Nick! Thank you for the feedback!

  27. Hello Heidi. My name is Ryan Young and I play in a band called Trampled By Turtles. Without a doubt, I would not be able to play as hard and fast as I do without having an incredibow. Our music would just sound different. It’s also really nice to tour with your bows and have the same feel day after day no matter the temperature or humidity. Traveling violinists probably know about having to play shows where the bow is tightened all the way, and it’s still not right enough! I really appreciate you and wish you all the success in the world.

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, Ryan! I appreciate the feedback! All the best! Heidi

  28. Sharon Sharon

    Would like to know if you ship to the US (NYC)? If so, what are the costs involved?
    And do you have any idea when I might receive it? (Concerned about shipping delays.)
    Thanks very much.

    • heidi heidi

      Hi Sharon, sorry this is late. I don’t receive notifications when a customer leaves a question on my site. I do ship to NYC. It typically takes up to two weeks for an order to be made and shipped. Shipping time currently is around 5 days. If you have more questions, the best way to contact me is through email: or phone: 870-213-5029. Thank you!!!

  29. Betsy Betsy

    Thanks for the info about international orders, but I had to google your phone code to find out if it applied to me, since you don’t reveal what country you are in on your home page.

    • heidi heidi

      I am located in the United States. Shipping delays are being experienced worldwide, unfortunately.

  30. Jon Berger Jon Berger

    I had to stop playing contra dances a few years back because the multiple hoiurse of very intense, very fast tunes were making my right shoulder hurt. (Old age isn’t for sissies.) It was getting to the point where I was consciously holding back toward the end of a dance (which, if you’ve ever been to a contra dance, you’ll understand is not the time the band wants to be holding back), and the next day I frequently couldn’t raise my right arm above parallel with the floor. But I haven’t had this problem since I started using the Incredibow. The reduced weight is the silver bullet that’s let me go back to playing contras, which is great because they’re a lot of fun. I just played a particularly energetic one last night, and my arm is absolutely pain-free. They’re terrific bows in every respect, but that’s the big one for me. Well, that and the fact that they’re flashy, which let’s just say I don’t mind at all.

    • heidi heidi

      That’s so great to hear, Jon! Thank you for sharing your feedback! 🙂

  31. Christopher Bacchus Christopher Bacchus

    I have an Incredibow for each of my frequently used fiddles. One is a gliga I use for teaching, another for practice is from Fiddlerman and is called “The Entertainer.” The third is for when I play in the band or busk. It is a very loud french fiddle with “Collin Mezin 1890” inside. On each of the fiddles the incredibow is excellent. I haven’t used any other bow for years. The grips on them all are starting to wear but the are so perfect for playing. Why do people still by wooden bows with horse hair still? They must be nuts. Or maybe they have not tried an Incredibow!!!!!! Cheers Christopher Bacchus, Hastings NZ

    • heidi heidi

      Thank you, Christopher!! I appreciate your business and feedback! 🙂

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