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Welcome to E.W. Incredibow!   
Phone: 870-213-5029

I’m happy to answer any questions, just call or email.

Below is a summary of WHY Incredibow is a unique and versatile bow. For more information about the product, please view the ABOUT page or the SHOP page.

    • Incredibows are handcrafted in the USA.  This has been a family run business for over 18 years and we take great pride in our product.  I only make bows using Carbon Fiber sticks.  I use NO WOOD in any bows, although I can make them LOOK like wood.  See the Colours page.  Incredibows are a cruelty free animal friendly product! 
    • NO Horsehair is used.  ALL the “hair” is made of tough polymer filament designed to grab the strings well (when rosined) and last literally for YEARS!  Bow AND hair is warranted to last a minimum of three years.  Some musicians have regularly used the same Incredibow for several years now, without loss of even one hair!
    • All the bows bow “OUTWARD” and the hair is PERMANENTLY PRE-tensioned.  They are NOT designed for rehairing – if it wears out before three years I’ll send you a new bow. I’ll also give generous trade-in value on a new bow.
    •  Over 75% of our Incredibows are sold in FEATHERWEIGHT version – almost HALF the weight of traditional bows – and not even possible to achieve as traditional wood bows.  Incredibow “hair” grabs the strings of your instrument better than the traditional horsehair or other synthetic hair.  You will experience a new freedom of play, reduced fatigue and faster bow response than ever expected!
  • BOW LENGTH:  I can make your bow any traditional length (1/10, 1/4, 4/4, etc) but I can also make your bow a custom length up to 32″ at no extra charge.  If you would like a custom length, you will need to call or email with your request.

    PLEASE NOTE: These bows are custom made by hand when the order is placed. Occasionally, I may have a few on the shelf – but those go quick and most bows are hand-crafted after the order has been placed and purchased.  Typically, orders are made and shipped within two weeks.  I appreciate your patience!  I am a one woman business and it takes a little longer to hand make things with love than it would if my products were factory produced.

    Check out my secondary site with additional photos and videos:  INCREDIBOW


  1. Hello! Great to hear about your fabulous Incredibow. I wonder if you can tell me how effective they are on an acoustic guitar, with particular reference to their longevity. Many thanks

    Cambridge, UK

    • heidi heidi

      Hi David,
      I am just now seeing this, I am sorry I did not respond before now. I don’t have much feedback on how well the Incredibow would work on acoustic guitar. I am assuming they would work fine, they work well on many types of instruments. Most of our orders come through our website and on those orders I don’t have an opportunity to know exactly what they may be used on. I know over the years of making these bows, we’ve had a few that were ordered for a guitar, but I don’t remember receiving any feedback.
      The hair is quite strong and typically last for years and I can also make the bow custom lengths, so I can make a bow shorter than standard length or a little longer (up to 32″). I’m sorry I am not much help with your particular question.

  2. bill gilsenan bill gilsenan

    I have been using these bows for 8 or 10 years now and will not go back to the old wood type. The description in the add is accurate, I don’t think that I ever lost a hair and I never have to adjust the bow I just put it in the case and go.

    • heidi heidi

      That’s great to hear, Bill! Thank you!! I appreciate the positive feedback!

  3. Logan Jamieson Logan Jamieson

    I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this site. Im a vegan learning to play cello so after my rental period is over when its time to buy new, I’d like to purchase one of these bows – and then begin my quest of looking for a cello that doesn’t use animal bits- seems daunting. Anyways, just wanted to say that you for your service, whether the intent was for the animals or not, regardless I am happy!

    Thanks again!

    • heidi heidi

      We are proud of our bows and that they are not affiliated with harming animals! Thank you for your lovely email! Best wishes to you and I will look forward to making you an Incredibow cello bow.


  4. June Cole June Cole

    I just heard about your bows today while having lunch with two cellists who are currently using them. I injured my thumb due to poor technique while I rushed to ready for a concert and am paying the price now. They both suggested that the design of your bows helps take some of the pressure off the thumb so I guess I’m asking if these bows would help with my issue of “grasping” the bow and putting most of the pressure on the thumb.
    Thank you.

    • heidi heidi

      Hi June, Sorry I didn’t respond. Your bow is shipped. Try it out and if you think the grip needs to be placed differently, I will be more than happy to adjust that.
      Thank you! Heidi

  5. Karron Holcomb Karron Holcomb

    Heidi, I just wanted to let you know that a soon-to- be 19 year old fiddler from Marshfield, Missouri named Brett Dudenhoeffer, my grandson, is one of your best advertisements for your incredibow! He is a very reknowned fiddler here in Missouri, He’s been with a bluegrass band now for almost seven years, and performs well over 100 shows every year. He’s even performed at the White House twice, and appeared on TV and RFD-TV. My point is that he has performed in front of thousands of people and every performance draws the questions about the bow he uses, which has been your incredibow for the past 13 years. I can’t begin to guess how many people he has directed to your website to purchase one, and will continue to do so. Anyway, one lasts him three years at least. He’s needing a new one now, so we’ll be ordering one soon! Keep making them and he’ll continue to advertise for you! If you’d like to check him out, he has a Facebook page – Brett Dudenhoeffer – with tons of videos of him using your bow!

    • heidi heidi

      That is so great!! I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you so much! I will look him up on FB.

  6. bill gilsenan bill gilsenan

    Hi bill from N.J. I just bought a carbon fiber fiddle and 1 of the negative things about a carbon fiber fiddle is that the volume is low— but not if you use a omnibow I hope that you still make them I will probably want a back up.
    My other comment was from 2 or 3 years ago and I still have not lost a hair/fiber

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