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Cello Incredibow in Regular Tension


A bow you can REALLY get a grip on! (Comfortably)

There are many features and qualities of our Incredibows which you will find unbelievable until you try one!

  • 28" long as standard bow. Other lengths possible.
  • Wide hairband
  • Octagonal grip on all standard Incredibows.
  • Our Incredibows are unique among all the bows available! "One piece" hand constructed of composite graphite tapered stick; permanent hair; NO adjustment ever needed; PRE-tensioned; convex bow!
  • Each Cello bow is hand crafted one by one, with care to make each one as perfect as we can get it!!
  • Weighing in at about 40 grams, our featherweight Cello bow is designed with so many unique features you have to essentially throw away most of what you've been taught about what a great cello bow must be. We are challenging old traditions and old thinking.
  • Medium Weight about 50 grams.
  • Traditional weight about 60 grams.

Every Incredibow we make is composed of the following parts:

  • Stick made of a hollow, tapered graphite/epoxy tube. This stick is born straight.
  • Frog and tip wedge hand cast of polyester resin and covered with five layers of vinyl rubber.
  • Over 200 hairs made of synthetic material, applied under tension, and permanently attached.
  • Grip or finger/thumb rest in front of frog with octagonal surfaces.
  • Two decorative brass bands separating vinyl coating from stick surface.
  • Many color options for decorative covering on the bow stick including the popular "Panther" color polished graphite with hard baked-on finish, see Colors
  • Solid decorative brass fitting where hair meets bow on each end to keep hair spread properly.
  • Clear durable epoxy coating on each end of hair to create smooth transition from hair to stick to prevent problems with "over run" onto the strings while locking the hair in place.
  • Unique "open mouth" of frog and tip under the hair, allowing clear communication of hair with stick and instrument, resulting in the finest, fullest sound of the instrument. (No dampering from the rubber coating).
  • See COLOR OPTIONS page for color samples
  • PLEASE NOTE: These bows are custom made by hand when the order is placed. Occasionally, I may have a few on the shelf - but those go quick and most bows are hand-crafted after the order has been placed and purchased. Typically, orders are made and shipped within two weeks.

Cello Incredibow

PriceFrom $149.00
  • Sound: How do they sound? Thousands of fiddlers, violinists, violists and cellists are now using our Incredibows! They find they produce great tone, are easier to use, have no “hair noise” and quicker response – and now with “quick to grab” hair and awesome frog. Incredible!

    PRICING and SHIPPING:  You can get your violin Incredibow delivered to your home anywhere in the world from ranging in price from $139.00 to $189.00!! There are violinists and fiddlers right now using our Incredibows, claiming that these bows are better than any violin bow at any price!

    Frankly, our modest price is probably our biggest obstacle – folks think it can’t be much of a bow, being so inexpensive! Our position: “Good bows” are simply overpriced! Just look what today’s technology is bringing you in low cost products. Let’s use that same technology in bowmaking!

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