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High Tension option: Something not even possible with a horsehair bow – at least DOUBLE the tension of the usual bow! This utilizes a DOUBLE THICK WALL in our sticks, allowing the high tension without adding more arc in the bow. However, these high tension bows are of medium weight, due to the thicker wall – NOT available in the featherweight or traditional weight version. The High Tension works well with instruments that have more than four strings and gives the player more control and less bounce. 


BASIC - "No Frills" Omni HIGH tension bows $169
STANDARD COLOR- Omni High tension bows with any color choice $189

See COLOR OPTIONS page for color samples

High tension Omni Incredibow

  • Sound: How do they sound? Thousands of fiddlers, violinists, violists and cellists are now using our Incredibows! They find they produce great tone, are easier to use, have no “hair noise” and quicker response – and now with “quick to grab” hair and awesome frog. Incredible!

    PRICING and SHIPPING:  You can get your Omni Incredibow delivered to your home anywhere in the world from ranging in price from $139.00 to $189.00!! There are violinists and fiddlers right now using our Incredibows, claiming that these bows are better than any violin bow at any price!

    Frankly, our modest price is probably our biggest obstacle – folks think it can’t be much of a bow, being so inexpensive! Our position: “Good bows” are simply overpriced! Just look what today’s technology is bringing you in low cost products. Let’s use that same technology in bowmaking!

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