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Now you can have our incredible hair installed on your favorite wooden bow!

We don't know how long this hair will last! When properly installed, we will warrant the hank of hair for THREE YEARS on your bow, as we do our Incredibows. Several of our professional musician customers using Incredibows have been using this hair for several years and have not broken even ONE hair!




  • Hair hanks come in 31" lengths with 200 plus hairs in each hank.

    This, of course is not "real" horse hair! It is contemporary man-made material designed for long endurance, long wear, not affected by humidity. It is known to have great "grab" on strings, creating a clear, loud tone from your instrument with "no hair noise" - is not affected by humidity - and is popular with professionals and non-professional musicians alike. NO OTHER HAIR LIKE IT!

    (NOTE: Most rehairers can work successfully with our Incredihair) 

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