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Bringing together all the best elements of Incredibow in ONE BOW for most any bowed instrument.

This one Incredibow OMNIBOW will work well on:


There are many features and qualities of our Incredibows which you will find unbelievable until you try one!

  •  Available in any length of choice (29" suggested for most applications)
  •  Has wide "Incredihair" band for good "grab" on all instruments
  •  All made with rugged lightweight Carbon Fiber tapered stick
  •  Hair and stick warranted minimum THREE YEARS (free bow replacement if hair or stick fail in 3 yrs)
  •  Available in BASIC GRAPHITE ($139) finish or option of COLOURED STICK ($159) (see Colors page)
  •  All with our comfortable "rubber" frog and octagonal grip
  •  All Omnibows are made with FIXED TENSION hairband - always ready to play
  •  All Omnibows will be shipped as our preferred 29 inch long
  •  FEATHERWEIGHT  about 40 gram
  •  MEDIUM weight about 50 grams
  •  TRADTIONAL weight about 60 grams
  • See COLOR OPTIONS page for color samples
  • PLEASE NOTE: That these bows are custom made by hand when the order is placed. Occasionally, I may have a few on the shelf - but those go quick and most bows are hand-crafted after the order has been placed and purchased. Typically, orders are made and shipped within two weeks

Omni Incredibow, a bow for all

PriceFrom $139.00
  • Sound: How do they sound? Thousands of fiddlers, violinists, violists and cellists are now using our Incredibows! They find they produce great tone, are easier to use, have no “hair noise” and quicker response – and now with “quick to grab” hair and awesome frog. Incredible!

    PRICING and SHIPPING:  You can get your viola Incredibow delivered to your home anywhere in the world from ranging in price from $139.00 to $189.00!! There are violinists and fiddlers right now using our Incredibows, claiming that these bows are better than any viola bow at any price!

    Frankly, our modest price is probably our biggest obstacle – folks think it can’t be much of a bow, being so inexpensive! Our position: “Good bows” are simply overpriced! Just look what today’s technology is bringing you in low cost products. Let’s use that same technology in bowmaking!

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