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Kirbir’s Rainbow
Leopard Print

Most of these colors are achieved through application of attractive, durable PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) film or “skin”. This covering is made for outdoor use and has a life of 8 to 10 years in harsh outdoor environments!  Who knows how long it will last in the protected indoor environment without harsh sun and weather?  However, this film can get scratched or bruised with rough use, so treat it as you do any good instrument.

Blue Glimmer

Mirror Lens effect

Red Glimmer

Mirror lens effect

Dark Walnut

[image_with_text image=”15726″]

Dark Walnut at bottom



Red snakewood top, Brown snakewood bottom

Close up, Red snakewood


Cherrywood (top)


Stardust (top), Classic Black (center), Cobalt (bottom)

Stardust second from left

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt (right)

Cobalt (bottom)


Mirage (top) Diamond Dust (bottom)

Black Marble

Black Marble (top), White Marble (center), Granite (bottom)

White Marble

White Marble (center)


Granite (bottom)


Wintermint (third from right)

Frosty Melon

Frosty Melon (center)

Gutsy Grape

Gutsy Grape (fourth from right)

Fire Opal

Fire Opal (third from left)

Gold Glitter

Gold glitter (fourth from left)


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